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Extended double width police box


Our largest and most capacious model, the extended double width police box has room inside for an entire cyber squadron, even without the dimensional trancendentalism option. In some areas the quantity of glass may also qualify it for classification as a greenhouse.

Four door positions are possible with this model.

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Product information

Key features

Travels in time and space, usually according to users needs


Rassilon of Gallifrey in the system of Kasterborous
Product dimensions

Variable depending on chameleon circuit setting. Internal dimensions N/A.


Outer plasmic shell of Gallifreian material. Shell is indestructible, thus not recyclable.

Not separable for material or energy recovery.

Good to know

Can be used with doors for concealed dust-free storage

care instructions

Clean using a damp cloth or whatever product you like, as nothing can affect the outer plasmic shell.