The Original Console Room Vacuum Forming the Roundels Moving House The Rebuild

The next stage was to crate up the console to allow it to survive the journey. The TARDIS has all sorts of stabilization equipment, but mine had to make do with bolts and plywood. I decided to crate the console and the daleks myself, rather than deal with a lot of awkward questions...

I crated the console, as it's fairly fragile.

I used 1/4" plywood for the crates and 1/2" for the base.

The console plinth made a very good crate for the cylindrical cover and time elements. I packed them with left over furniture batting and carpet samples, which I stapled to the inside of the plinth.
I threw out the old oscillating mechanism as it never worked properly. It will probably be replaced with something involving bicycle gears. I also screwed a plywood lid on top to protect it all.

The daleks are also somewhat fragile, so I made crates for them too...

Each of the items was screwed to the base of the crate so they wouldn't move in the crates. This way they didn't need any extra padding.