The Original Console Room Vacuum Forming the Roundels Moving House The Rebuild

I dismantled the rest of the room pretty much in the reverse of the order it was constructed: starting with the ceiling.

The ceiling was joined to blocks that were screwed across the ceiling joists. I really didn't wants bits of the roof falling on me, so it was well attached.
I made a happy discovery while taking the ceiling down... I hadn't seen that hammer in years!


general mayhem.

the wall panels were each in their own frame, so the construction is modular. The columns hang between the modules, and contain more shelves.

Uncovering the window

the room sees daylight for the first time in quite a while.
The empty room. You'd never know there had been a time machine in there...

the door and lobby were built in place and are not very modular. I trashed the lobby, but kept the doors and wall.
There were a lot of screw-holes in the walls, which were filled and painted.

With some carpet and a conventional light fitting, the room changed its character completely. All that's left now is the power and phone through the plate in the floor.

All told it took about 3 weeks to dismantle the console room - a lot quicker than putting it in. Hopefully it will reassemble in its new location in not too much more time.