The Original Console Room Vacuum Forming the Roundels Moving House The Rebuild

Well, I always knew there was the possibility of moving house, and of course it's all come with me. So here's what happened to prepare for the move...

First there was quite a lot of preparation for separating the wiring. As you can see below, it was fairly tangled.

The cross-wiring was considerable

Lots of CAT-5e to disconnect
The ribbon cables for the digital I/O device were unplugged

Power connections

speaker cables...

I added a few connectors in cables which crossed the two panel halves and rearranged some of the digital linkages to have fewer crossings between compartments. I also stapled a lot of the wiring down so it doesn't hang loose.

This done, I could remove the panels from the central plinth.

Parts piled on the floor


The rectangle on the floor where the console stood has a mysterious suction which makes you almost fall into it. The console had stood there for several years and since you always had to walk around it, its sudden absence seems to leave a sort of ghost. It's very strange...

Unfortunately the console is really not very portable. The delicate electrics came out of the console prior to crating, rather like an Egyptian pharaoh, so it's stacked on the floor here.