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doors before...
I've wanted roundels on the doors for a long time, as they're rather obvious...

I lit the roundels around the door in my console room, because they're the primary source of lighting. In the studio I imagine there was other lighting - I didn't want my console room to be dark over by the door.

During the Key to Time season (left), the doors had roundels, much like the walls. Later it looks like they were painted over to the wall colour. Rather than cut holes in my doors, I went for the later look. My console is slightly later than the Key to Time season anyway...

The Doctor prepares to face the white guardian of light and time...

"Carrot juice???"

... and "after"

I was faced with the task of making the roundels round.

First I trimmed the edges very roughly on the table saw

Then I neatened them up with a belt sander

Here's the trimmed roundel looking, well, round

I sprayed them with primer, then painted them the wall colour

And stuck them on with hot glue.

Better, I think

Emergency lighting? Or just fiddling with the gamma correction in the photo editor?
It shows off the roundels nicely anyway.