The Original Console Room Vacuum Forming the Roundels Moving House The Rebuild

electric mayhem

dead computer

Now the painting is done, I can get on with rewiring the electrics, most of which are non-functional.

more electric mayhem
Unfortunately the 'roundel' computer also did not survive the journey unscathed, and failed completely after a fairly short time. It's an older machine with ISA slots (anyone remember those?), which run the digital relay board.

However, I found an old computer gathering dust in the closet and discovered that it has ISA slots. I extracted the ISA digital I/O bistable relay board out of the remains of the old 'roundel' computer, and put it in the replacement machine. After installing my custom digital I/O software and plugging it into the network, The door switch on the console and the relays in the new 'roundel' machine go click!.

I've gradually located all the bits needed to power the doors. I've tested the motors on a 110V transformer to see if they'll run on 50Hz. They sound a little slower, but fortunately they don't have to run for more than a few seconds, All I have to do now is to get that lot assembled...

I've installed the mains relays that control the lights and also found the motion sensors that the TARDIS uses to detect when someone approaches, so with one of those installed the TARDIS lights now come on without me having to stumble around in the dark, and shut off after a while if I wander away.

sash cords for operating the doors

the door mechanism
The two drape motors use sash cord attached to the bent " rods. The drape motors are designed to have a decorative pushbutton at some remote location on the wall for operating the drapes (curtains). One pulse will start them opening, a second pulse will stop them, a third pulse will reverse them. They also stop themselves when they reach a maximum tension (against the end-stop), at which point they're ready to reverse again. In this case they're attached to relays on the digital relay board in the old PC.

I've installed security door contacts above the door and on the rods so that the TARDIS software can know whether the doors are open or closed at any given time.

It takes an embarrassing amount of software to hook all this up to the big red knob on the console.

If that was all there was to it, it would be relatively straightforward, but I also want the doors to open when you approach via a PIR sensor, and close by themselves when the TARDIS has been unoccupied for a while. I've also arranged that if you push on them, the TARDIS notices that they've moved, and activates them so they continue the rest of the way by themselves. Oh and they have to make the right door noises from the 4th doctor's time on the show whenever they're moving.

The drape motors run a bit more slowly on 50Hz, so I've had to adjust some of them timeouts so the TARDIS doesn't think the doors have jammed when they simply haven't finished moving.