The Original Console Room Vacuum Forming the Roundels Moving House The Rebuild

Surround view of the console room

So after Id started on the console, building it in our garage, my other half started to complain that the cars were getting left outside a lot. Fortunately I was able to move the project to a couple of rooms in our house with 10 foot ceilings. One room has the Police box in one corner, leading through to the other room, which has become the console room. This room has power, phone and a computer network outlet in the middle of the room up through the floor to provide for a free-standing desk. It also has a concrete floor, which produces a great "studio" ambience. The only difficulty is that the room is a little small, though at 14x21 feet, it's not a small room. The other problem is that 10 feet high is only barely tall enough, though the room I have is actually 9'8".

Beginnings in the garage
Well one thing led to another and soon I was building wall panels. These eventually led to an entire console room.

Under construction

Here are a couple of short clips. You can download them from the links in the captions below. They take a while to download and the quality is poor. Watch them full screen when they start (ALT-ENTER) and half-close your eyes... Then you're there!