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I've decided I want to put the interior TARDIS door on the back wall of the console room. It's slightly anachronistic with my console room's other features, but I like it.

new door

new door in place

I made the door from MDF, which is incredibly dense, and also produces horrid dust. But it doesn't have a wood grain the way plywood does.

Making the handle took some work.

photo of the real handle

the bits I started with

I decided the glue would not be strong enough,

so I predrilled and countersunk holes and it still split
(I think the predrilled holes were slightly too small)

With more glue and some filler

After that I sanded, and applied filler build primer.
And sanded. And sprayed . And sanded. And sprayed:

And then sprayed with 'aluminium' spray paint

And finally sprayed a couple of coats of laquer

It's not perfect by any means, but it'll do.