The Original Console Room Vacuum Forming the Roundels Moving House The Rebuild

It took a long time to get started on creating a new space for the console room. After having moved there were so many other urgent projects. There was some space in an out-building, but it needed lining to make it enclosable, so I did a lot of framing and hanging of sheetrock (drywall) to make the space useable.

After some months it started to take shape. The room is not designed specifically to be a console room - it's a general purpose studio, but the door positioning into the adjoining was slightly influenced by the need to site a police box...

Framing the divider

police box in place in the doorway

Frames on the floor

View from the doorway

The wood on the floor is the frames for the roundel panels. I had to get these installed before there was room to bring the console in from the garage.

View from above

Another view from above

The floor is fairly conventional chipboard, but coated in several coats of a white epoxy paint. This paint is incredibly durable: it's withstood having a hammer dropped on it, and also had conventional acrylic interior paint scraped off it with a palette knife. Unfortunately it's also extremely smelly when being applied, and I had to use a good mask and goggles to keep it out of my lungs and eyes. Fortunately, after it's dried for a couple of days the smell is gone.

The console arrives

The console in place

I moved the console back in as soon as I could clear the floor: it was taking a lot of space in the garage and I really wanted to get it installed again.