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The new lighting fixture

The new lighting fixture

The first problem I faced is that I had the opportunity to make the room larger! The old room was 14'x21': the new room is 6m x 6m (this being europe). This meant that the perimeter was longer, so I didn't have enough wall panels, and also the ceiling panels that I brought on the off-chance that they might be useful would not fit. Having finally decided that extending the ceiling sideways would just look like a poor compromise, I sighed heavily and trashed the old ceiling.

I kept the Power Octagon from the old ceiling and some of the trim, and was able to incorporate them into the lighting fixture in the new ceiling.

The height extenders

The height extenders

The old room was less than 10' tall, but the new room is nearly 11', so I was able to take advantage of that to build the height extenders which had featured in the console room at least since the second Romana. So with a clear lead to follow, I built height-extenders to match the sets at that time in its history.

"Too tall. Take it away."

So having rebuilt the ceiling, I had to find a way to make up the perimeter. I added a new column, to match the wide column to the right of the doorway.

new column

new column hinged open

But this still left a large gap. I decided to fill this by adding the wall section in the back of the console room with the door in it. Strictly speaking this is slightly anachronistic with the version of the console I built, but I liked the design...

panorama of progress...