Dalek Bill Dalek Dirk The Scarf Mod

slats cut...

... and then painted

The slats were cut from acrylic safety glass on a table saw, then primed and spray painted. The mesh was bought from a small orders metal supplier. It's 1/4" flattened expanded metal and seems to fit the bill. I cut it with tin snips and thick gloves, as it's steel and quite sharp. Aluminium or plastic may be a better choice here.


I drilled small holes through each slat and bolted them onto the belt. This was very tedious, but the results are reasonably good, I think.

The belts were first made with cardboard templates and then cut from aluminium roof flashing using tin snips.


A good tip for transferring the templates is to use some old spray paint to make a paint shadow, and then cut around that.