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Two of my kids asked me within the same couple of years to build them a dalek. So when the second one asked the time had come. When I was nine and already watching Doctor Who, that special 1973 issue of the Radio Times fell through our letter box. I kept the pull-out plans for many years, though I've since lost track of them. Fortunately there are other people on the web who have kept them.

Unfortunately the plans in the Radio Times are not dimensionally very accurate, so having started building a dalek with those plans a few years ago when first asked, we didn't get very far.

Fortunately by the time I started again, the Dalek Builder's Guild existed and I was able to use the marvelous guild plans and workshop manual put together by John Darley (of Project Dalek Forum) and Malcolm Lear. If you really want to know how to build a dalek, then get hold of the workshop manual and visit the Guilds. I'm going to avoid repeating all that wonderful information. Besides, some of things I did I would not recommend...