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This Dalek based mostly on Cardboard and packing tape was constructed in the Spring of 1994 in what I refer to as “a mad weekend”.

When the dalek city website was active but before the Guild was going, I wrote up the builder's description below as a spoof, but never quite had the courage to submit for the Member's Daleks section of the website...

Dome and Eyepiece

The dome was formed by taking a large cardboard disk and cutting slits in it. These slits were bent around to form a suitable dome shape (actually truncated cone with two diameters). Notches were cut first to the inner diameter and then trimmed further for the outer diameter. These were joined on both sides using packing tape to form the completed dome.

The eyepiece was formed from 1/2 “ doweling. The disks were cut in a range of sizes and the holes in the middle cut by folding the disks in half and cutting a semicircle in the middle. These were cut slightly too small for the dowel so that no tape would be needed. The pivot was two disks circumferenced with cardboard strip. The eye piece was constructed much like the dome – a large disk with progressively more trimmed wedges.


The Neck

Four large complete disks were cut, rather thicker than on the real thing, as it was thought that cardboard would not have the strength to support the neck with only a 1/2 “ thickness. The rings and support rods were joined by cutting opposing slits in each and then sliding them together. Liberal use of packing tape was made to secure everything. Black cloth was used to disguise the presence of an operator. Since the Dalek was only 4/5 of actual size, the operator was Crispin’s young son.

The Shoulders

The shoulder section was made of cardboard again. The slats were a large number of cardboard rectangles, applied by folding packing tape into sticky-side-outward loops, and pressing it to the back of the strips.

The gun holder was a box formed from cardboard and cut to match the curve of the shoulder section. Liberal use was made of packing tape to hold everything together. The pivot balls were actually not functional – but formed like the head down. Both gun and plunger were made from ½” dowelling. The plunger was formed as the dome was. The gun was made from dowelling: holes were drilled into the side of both ends, and a straightened and cut coat hanger (from Crispin’s wife’s closet) was used to form the cage around the gun barrel. No emitter spokes or flash protection was provided.

The Skirt

The skirt was made from cardboard panels attached together with packing tape. It was thought that folding the cardboard would not produce a well enough defined angle at each junction and also a large enough piece of cardboard could not be found in Crispin’s garage.

The skirt domes/etheric beam locators/dalek bumps were fashioned from used yogurt pots which had previously been collected in the ScarfWearer household for some time. While not perfectly semicircular, these had in fact inspired the construction.

The panels were cut using a sharp knife using the base of a yogurt pot as a former. The yogurt pots were pushed through the panels from the back and secured with packing tape. [A premonition of things to come...]

The Base

The base was formed from a large ring having a band of um, cardboard taped around it. It was open underneath to allow the operator to walk inside it. No wheels were provided, though a hardwood floor was quite effective.