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Scarfwearer was born in the south of England in the same year that Doctor Who began broadcasting on the BBC. He was an avid fan from the age of 9 until college intervened and the show began to wind down in the mid eighties. He worked in the software industry and eventually moved to the Seattle area of western Washington in the US in the early nineties.

Scarfwearer began building Doctor Who props in 1999 after rediscovering classic Who on the public broadcasting station KBTC in Seattle. He has a wife and three children who are all keen Doctor Who fans - indeed the daleks were built largely at the insistence of his kids, who now operate them with great skill.

The scarf was knitted by Mrs. Scarfwearer to a plan found on the internet, and took about 9 months to knit. It was originally 16' long, but has since stretched to a massive 24'. It's colours are not wholly accurate to the Tom Baker scarf.

The family returned to the south of England in 2006 and, of course, brought the props along as well. Scarfwearer has recently been adding farming to his interests. He has also been practicing photography and amateur filming - mostly with a Doctor Who theme!

The "Scarfwearer" moniker began as a screen name which he used on several prop-related forums to hide his real identity, but it has evolved into an alter-ego character, the stories of which are the subject of the fan films.

Scarfwearer is a fan of older science fiction films and books, ambient music, electronic music, progressive rock and krautrock. Recently he's joined two other Doctor Who fans in running a forum for TARDIS prop builders on Proboards: TARDIS Builders' Forum.

Scarfwearer drinks way too much tea.