My Original TARDIS The Police Box Make-Over

a shot in the dark...
The doors are made a little differently from the walls because I wanted a surface that would take screws well to hold the hinges and allow the handles and locks to be fitted well. For this reason, the verticals are cut-down 2” x 4”s, bevelled on the table saw. I also cut an 1” deep by ˝” wide groove in the edges of the verticals to take the (narrower) MDO sheets, which I glued in place. The groove was cut with the table saw in multiple passes. After this, the usual MDF cross pieces were glued in place. The MDO sheets were cut to below the window, and a short section placed across the top, leaving the gap for the window.

The lock

The back of the lock
I glued the 1 ˝” by 3/8” beading down the “pull to open” door to cover the gap between the doors. I added the same beading along the top of both doors to hide the crack above the doors and will eventually need to do this to the hinge sides as well.

The “pull to open” door, which hides a telephone on the original, is a piece of hardboard framed with VG fir, and covered with acrylic sheet. I printed the notice using Microsoft Word. Here's a PDF of the sign.

The telephone

The handles
used small hinges to attach this to the door, and managed to find a small handle to bolt to it.

Eventually I’ll mount something behind this door, but for the moment it’s just blanked off. I think the BBC TARDIS "pull to open" has hinged at various times, so what you do behind this panel is somewhat open to interpretation.