My Original TARDIS The Police Box Make-Over

Having learned more about how real police boxes look I've decided that the season 18 style roof is really rather flat, so after a service life of nearly six years, I've decided to raise the roof on my box.

Rather than alter the roof I built before, I've built a whole new roof.

I wanted the new roof to be taller and more police-box like, so I came up with a drawing:

The diagram on the left is the current roof - the one on the right the modified form.

The construction is pretty similar to the last roof, only this time I took some construction pictures:

new roof angle


new profile

texture technique...

I used a lot of wood filler to even up the construction lines, and then used wallboard mud and sanding to finish it off. The result is a lot smoother than the previous roof, though it didn't show much even before.

So here it is painted up, before during and after:

as was

roof removed

new roof in place

And here are a few other angles: